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Ghent's canals are more than just a river crossing the historic centre. They have a rich history, bringing goods into the city, and allowing the inhabitants to export their handcraft to the world.

Textiles were shipped from and foreign products were transported into the centre.


We take a boat ride around the canals in the centre of Ghent...........

"Two wonderful rows of houses are reflected in the water of the Lys. Young and old alike enjoy the first rays of sunshine. There is much laughter, lazing about and fun.

"This is the beating heart of Ghent's city centre."

From the St. Michael's Bridge one can see the Korenlei on the left hand side of the River Lys. During the 18th and 19th centuries the Korenlei lost his port-related activities.

Guild houses were renovated for the Ghent World Fair in 1813. Restorations were not always done correctly and all that remains are the outer walls. A deluxe Marriott hotel lies hidden behind the historical façades (left and below).




The Guild Houses along the Graslei (on the bank opposite the Korenlei) are among the most important and date from the renaissance era.

They include the Post Office (1910) which is shown below and the House of Free Boatmen (1531), the House of Grainweighers (1698), the tiny Custom House (1682), the Grain warehouse (1200), and the House of Masons (1527) shown on the right. The grain warehouse from 1200 is one of the oldest commercial buildings in Belgium.


A fortified building at the end of a canal tributary (above and left).


A visitor wrote, "The fabulously named Water House on the Beer Canal (right) is situated on the waterside across from the Gravensteen. This atmospheric bar is definitely on the beer tourist trail, but despite that is a lovely place to expand your knowledge of Belgian beers.

"In the summer, the terrace is surrounded by flowers, and you can watch the canal traffic meandering by. In winter, retreat inside to the snug bar, although take care not to burn yourself on the stove if that's the only space remaining.

"The beer menu is extensive - over 150 types I believe - so be prepared for any beer conoisseurs to take an age to order. There are plenty of other options and some bar snacks are available. It can get very busy, so be prepared to retreat and try again another time if that's not your thing."


One of the oldest houses in Ghent (left).



We return to the Korenlei. St Michael's Church is seen in the background (below).

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